New Veranda Sculpture Celebrates Community

May 28, 2019
New Veranda Sculpture Celebrates Community

Community, friendships and togetherness were the inspirations for a whimsical new sculpture we installed in Veranda this month.

Titled “Four People,” the sculpture depicts four figures holding hands with outstretched arms. It was created by award-winning metal sculptor Dale Rogers whose public art installations can be found gracing college campuses, communities and corporations across the United States.

Located in the roundabout at Circle Seven and Wildwood Park roads, the Four People statue is a reminder to residents that a community is more than a group of houses. It’s family, friends and neighbors joined by love and friendship.

The installation is permanent and because it was sculpted of Cor-Ten steel, it will be inspiring residents and visitors for decades to come.

Veranda is not the only community to display “Four People.” The sculpture has been installed in multiple other Johnson Development communities as a symbol of the developer’s commitment to creating environments that celebrate life.

Take a moment to view this beautiful testament to togetherness the next time you visit Veranda — better yet, take a selfie or picture and tag us. And we’d love to have your family join ours.