Move Quickly, Buy an Inventory Home

May 11, 2023
Move Quickly, Buy an Inventory Home

If you are ready to purchase a new construction home but time is of the essence, you may be a candidate for an inventory home. Inventory or move-in ready homes are homes that are either currently under construction or already complete. You get a brand-new home without waiting the traditional six to eight months. Are there other advantages? Take a look.

No Construction Delays

Unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions or supply chain issues can cause delays if you build from the ground up. Not so with an inventory home. Because these homes are finished or nearing completion, you are less likely to experience delays and can move in on time.

Same High Quality

Veranda builders are committed to building high-quality homes. That’s true whether they are building your home from the ground up or an inventory home. You get the same energy-efficient features, smart home technology and warranties included in a build-to-order home. You just get to move in quicker.

It’s Less Overwhelming

When it comes to inventory homes, your builder has already made most of the decisions. Even better, they made those decisions with the help of their interior designers. You may even get upgrades and structural options. You’ll also be able to tour the home and see what’s included. If the home is under construction, you may still be able to make some design decisions, if that’s your thing.

You Might Save a Bundle

Purchasing an inventory can save you money. With all the design decisions made for you, there is no chance you will go over budget adding upgrades. Builders are often motivated to sell these homes so you can negotiate the price. Incentives such as a rate buy down or zero closing costs may be offered.

You’ll Already Have Neighbors

Inventory homes are often built to complete a cul-de-sac or street. That means you will already have neighbors. Moving into an established neighborhood also means you won’t be waiting for amenities to be built. Inventory homes are built throughout the community so you might get a great homesite with awesome views or a big backyard.

Check Out Veranda’s Inventory Homes Today

Veranda homebuilders have many inventory homes to choose from. Visit their model homes to speak with a builder representative. They can offer you a tour of their available inventory homes so you can pick one and get moving.