Spring Clean For a Beautiful Landscape

March 24, 2023
Spring Clean For a Beautiful Landscape

Winter is over and your plants are waking up. Ready to get your front and back yards in shape? Check out how Veranda residents tackle their gardening chores for picture-perfect landscaping.

Clear the Way

Walk around your yard, you’ll be surprised to see how many sticks are on the ground. Pick them up before raking, planting or mowing. This is also a good time to clear out old perennials and matted or dead foliage. Removed tattered leaves. Wait until the ground is completely dry before raking as you could tear up your lawn.

Check Your Tools

The key to having a beautiful garden or landscape is having good tools. Check over your garden sheers, rakes, lawn mower, clippers and anything else you use. If it’s broken, replace it. If it’s dull, sharpen it.

Take Inventory

Gardening supplies are usually on sale in the spring, so stock up! Purchase grass and flower seeds, mulch, soil, plants, bulbs and more. Enchanted Nurseries and Landscapes in Richmond will deliver what you need, or you can place an order for curbside pickup. 

Cut Back

Do you have ornamental grasses? It’s time to cut them back. Doing so will encourage new growth. Grasses should be cut down almost to the ground. Cutting back flowering trees can force blooms or at least encourage more of them.

Clear Your Beds

Take a look at your flower and vegetable beds. Remove dead leaves and winter mulch. Turn over the soil.

Divide Perennials

To keep perennials blooming year after year, divide them. Not only is it budget-friendly, dividing plants keeps them healthy. If you don’t, you will soon have bare spots in your flower bed.

Plant Grass Seeds

April through May is the best time to plant grass seed. Be sure to irrigate it properly and keep an eye on weeds. By summer, you should have a lush green lawn. Once it sprouts, mow your lawn every five days for the first six weeks. If you don’t, you risk stunting the roots.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

Mulch protects your plants and trees while giving your landscaping a finished look.

Don’t use too much as mulch may repel water and cut off air circulation, dehydrating and suffocating your plants. Most gardeners recommend a depth of two to four inches. 

Don’t Forget the Hardscape

Driveways, walkways and patios are as much a part of your landscaping as trees and flowers are. Check your driveway for cracks. If you see any use caulk or concrete resurfacer to fill them in. Check your fence to see if anything needs repair. Clean off your patio furniture. If there is mildew, a bleach solution should take care of it.